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Web design services

Whether you need a sophisticated corporate website design, a solid brand image, or an updated new look, Seven Logik can create just what you are looking for.

Custom web design

At Seven Logik we understand your website should be as unique as your company or brand. Our clients receive the attention to detail they deserve by experienced designers and programmers. Currently, there are many options for website creation and we explore them all. We can create a package according to your needs and go over them as feedback requires. Our extensive custom web design experience allows us to bring creative ideas to your business’ online presence.

Responsive and Creative web page design

Responsive design helps respond to the needs of the users and devices they are using. It’s very important that your web page design can adapt to any screen size, whether a tablet, mobile, desktop, etc. This is what responsive design does. Some devices may be limited by display size and therefore need a new approach to how content is laid out on the screen.

Discussing your Ideas and Setting your Goals

It’s very important to discuss your ideas with our team before designing a package and building a website that will help you achieve your goals. When talking about your ideas we will ask a few questions to make sure our designs go in line with your needs and they don’t interfere with your site’s overall functionality. We will help you set smart goals that meet both users and business targets. Some solid examples of web goals may include:

  • Increasing traffic
  • Increasing sales
  • Increasing awareness
  • Connecting with people on social media

You can have some more specific goals by stating exactly what the user needs to accomplish. These goals will help you focus on the creative web design, content and functionality that is so vital to your clients. Progress must be tracked as well. This is where measurable goals come in handy. Breaking your goals into smaller chunks will definitely help.

The creative process behind website design

Web design is one of the most important stages of a web project. It’ll help shape all the information explained in the planning. The most important things are site structure and how the site is usually represented. A web designer is generally efficient in website platforms and technology but it’s also an individual who can come up with creative ideas. All web pages will require a different creative process that will allow the designer to achieve his or her designing objective.

It all stars with brainstorming and analyzing ideas. After the designer knows everything there is to know about the project then comes the time to sketch out your creative ideas. This is a great way to start out the design project. It’s really important to be able to communicate ideas with your clients perhaps by sketching out a few designs and narrow them down with the help of their feedback. Then you move unto creating a workflow, which means making a list of the sessions or content to be included on the site with some specific info about what will be included on each creative web page design.

Building a website that makes your business stand out

There are many techniques used to improve a website’s appearance. Some web design trends come and go while others stand the test of time. Typography, for example, makes relevant text to stand out in a way that it tells the user why they are there. You need to grab their attention perhaps with bold/colorful/italicized words. Coming up with the best colors is also vital not only to increasing click rates but also to leaving a lasting impression in the mind of your potential clients. It’s very important to focus and make it simple or user-friendly. Content separation is also crucial as it helps to show importance on certain elements and take importance away from others. White space allows for easy content separation and it makes it easy on the eyes. Making items transparent seem to help as well. It works specially on big images with many details in them. Another design element is background patterns. There are tongs of them out there to pick from. Although there are web design templates, they can be customized as much as possible to fit the brand’s name.

Website project successfully completed-New site launched!

You must be patient and stay excited! Design is just part of the whole process. It’s barely the skeleton before the website comes live. Some technical issues may arise but they can all be easily fixed. Just remain calm and positive. Your website will launch!

Need a website redesign?

At Seven Logik we make sure we understand our clients’ ideas and meet their expectations. It’s important to set realistic goals and make sure you do the appropriate research before redesigning your site. Perhaps you can create a list to guide the designer and include things like:

  • Photos you would like to use
  • Webpages you want to get some ideas from
  • Primary goal of your web page
  • Logos, fonts, colors or other branding materials

Remember your website is not designed for you but for your users therefore it’s important implementing a design that resonates with your audience. Our web redesign services will help you implement the right strategies for building a website that makes your business more visible and reachable online.

Why is an SEO friendly web design so important?

A webpage might look one way to you but sometimes it doesn’t look the same to a search engine. Some technical aspects must be present in order for the site to be structured for search engines and human visitors. A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly site is a necessity. Web marketing search engine optimization helps improve visibility through organic search results. It’s a great marketing tool for many businesses.

The right keywords must be used. Establish what the business objective is and target a specific area with local seo. Whether national or global, a plan like this will help built a list with some specific keywords and narrow it down based on research. You don’t want to overdue your keywords. Having an optimized site URL is also essential. That means Search Engines can quickly identify in your site URL what you are all about. Images are also an important role in the SEO process. They need to be optimized. Social media should also be part of the SEO and marketing strategy as it could help you build your brand enormously.

Seven Logik offers professional web design

Seven Logik provides affordable web design and seo services that help take your business online to the next level and target more prospective customers. We endeavor to provide professional work with the highest quality while always keeping affordable costs. With our initial consultation we will suggest the best design alternatives for your company and make sure that your web design project is completed on a timely manner. Contact us today!

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