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Web development

Besides creating an outstanding design Seven Logik can also help you with the interactions on your webpages. We make sure your site works properly and your clients get things done in the easiest way possible.

New times-New strategies

Web development, just as graphic design, is very customizable. A website is considered a window to the world. Without a site you won’t be able to have strong online presence. This is why you should consider custom web development. It provides you with the tools to embrace global compatibility and reach out to millions of web surfers all over the world including potential clients. Users will have a wider platform and you will successfully market the services and products you offer.

Understanding our clients’ website goals and delivering solutions

You will have a lot of competitors therefore it’s imperative that your webpage stands out. We use a set of questions to find out exactly what our clients are looking for. Sometimes the website was just a digital brochure and now the client wants to start selling products online. As your website evolves you can lose focus if care is not taken to preserve a specific item. The main goal is establishing clear goals and discussing ideas that will naturally open the conversation to many other possible approaches or follow-up questions.

Our team at Seven Logik will get a sense of your personal style and taste, which will help us decide the best course of action. You can point out the companies you think are solving the problem efficiently and determine if that’s the route you want to go. We can also talk about things you don’t like and develop a results-driven site.

web development services

Web development is the process employed to handle the data of your website. It’s often seen as a wide-ranging term since it encompasses several works besides the development of the website: design, web server, network security configuration, e-commerce development, etc. It’s basically the non-design part of developing a website: coding and writing markup. It consists of creating the easiest plain text to the more complex electronic businesses, web applications, and social network services.

Seven Logik’s web development services can help you enter into the online world with ease. The success of your company or business can start by simply creating or developing a stunning site. We will guide you throughout this process and help you choose from the best development software.

Web application development

One of the ways to get to know people visiting your site and communicating with them is by asking them to subscribe to newsletters, submit an application requesting information on a specific product, and customizing their overall browsing experience. This is where web applications come in handy. The web is programmable and various applications can be deployed to allow effective mass customization. Some of the most vital mechanisms of a modern website are flexible web browsers and web applications. Web browsers, for example, are software applications that let the user retrieve data and being able to interact with content on the site. Modern webpages allow a more dynamic approach as users can interact with content in whole new level by sorting out information according to individual preferences on settings. Web applications are simply programs that will allow users to submit and recover data to/from a database over the web using their desired web browser. As more businesses join the World Wide Web, web applications and the need to use other technology will also increase.

Web database development

Modern web database development with difficult business logic and a lot of data to process are a challenge to database engines. Development of a high-performance database will need a special understanding of techniques and software. Seven Logik employs highly qualified staff to revolutionize your online presence by changing your business requirements into a physical database design. Database programing is an essential part of almost any web application development project.

Ecommerce Web Solutions

E-commerce businesses are quite different from any other. It doesn’t matter what you are selling you need an e-commerce software that fits your online store needs. Running this type of websites is not easy therefore professional assistance may be required. Users often look for custom web design, speed, and a wide variety of products to pick from your site. Some startups cannot afford to have a product selection like big stores such as Amazon. You should not get discouraged sometimes limiting your selection can help you focus on a targeted audience and help clients find quickly what they are looking for, help your customers decide faster, and increase conversions by organically limiting the amount of clicks to checkout. You want your sales, orders, and payments to run as smoothly as possible. This is why Seven Logik makes sure your site is developed with the latest technology. Our experienced team offers ecomerce web development solutions that go in line with current trends and technical requirements.

Custom mobile application development

Seven Logik will help you implement solutions that meet the needs of your business while at the same time making sure your data always remains safe. Mobile app development technology is evolving very fast but there is also a growing need to adopt a user-centered approach that focuses on the needs of target users. It’s very frustrating using an app with lots of bugs, errors, complexities, and annoying interactions. A good user experience can create the kind of consistency that keeps users returning for more.

Creating a mobile app besides your already existing site is a good investment. An app generally runs faster than responsive web design because is native to the device is running and it interacts faster with features in your phone, tablet, etc. We can help your mobile application design to stand out and develop a mobile app that is both user-friendly and trending.

Web programming services custom made to your needs

At Seven Logik we strive to use a personalized responsive web development approach. Our devoted team of web developers can create custom solutions for your site. Whether it is enhancing your existing website creation or creating a new application, our developers can handle the challenge and achieve great results. Custom web programing can increase security as it helps create websites that are more secure to hackers and attacks. There are many types of businesses out there and each one of them has specific needs. However, it’s possible to meet them when you hire a professional.

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