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Search engine optimization services

Seven Logik invites you to explore our search engine optimization services.  Search Engine optimization (SEO) simply allows users to find a website in search engines for phrases and words that are related to what the site offers. In other words, it will help organize content in a way that attracts what your potential clients are looking for, help increase traffic to your site, and help it rank on the first page of Google.

Balancing SEO and user experience

Search engines can make a considerable number of perceptions about a given site. User experience and usability can influence a site ranking success. Although their benefit is indirect, it will signal a higher quality site. Building a user-friendly site helps ensure that site visitors perceive it positively. Seven Logik’s search engine optimization services can help you do that and more.

Usability considers how easily users can perform basic tasks on a given site without meeting complications. User experience has to do more with how the user perceives and responds to the site after interacting with it. Whether accessibility, usability, system performance or advertising, it’s all important to help the user have a great experience and keep on coming back for more.

Keyword research and analysis

Keyword search is an essential and profitable marketing activity. When you rank for the right keywords your optimization can be affected either positively or negatively. Researching the right keywords will help you find out phrases and terms that easily adapt to seo basics and help you learn more about your clients in general. You need to study the website you are optimizing for and also competition to get a feel of the industry. It’s important understanding the audience you want to reach and find out the keywords relevant to that.

SEO content writing

Writing content that’s optimized for search engines but also appealing to people can be quite a challenge for some. It must be done right otherwise it won’t yield the right results. You must go beyond simply writing content. Your seo writing should do two things: appeal to you clients, and address a particular problem.

People tend to scan content on the web before actually reading it. You got seconds to hook the reader before they hit the “back” button. This can be done with a compelling headline matching the search term and engaging subheadings that will make visitors engage with the content.

On-Page SEO

This term has to do with content and HTML source code optimizable in the page. It’s simply optimizing your content for search engines. These are all measures that can be taken in the site in order to improve search rankings. Some of the most relevant Page SEO tips include:

  • Proper URL structures
  • Optimizing internal links
  • Pages that load faster
  • Fresh content (a crucial factor)
  • Using external links
  • Optimization of titles and descriptions
  • Implementing user friendly navigation

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO goes beyond the website design. It has to do more with activities outside the boundaries of your site, which may include:

  • Social media
  • Link building
  • Social bookmarking

Off-Page search engine optimization gives search engines a pretty good indication of how other sites and users perceive the site. This will provide a number of benefits to the website such as an increase in rankings, PageRank, and allow for more exposure. One of the most popular off-Page SEO service is link building. It basically means building external links to the site in order to gather more votes and bypass competition through higher rankings.

Local SEO services and more

For a local business website seo services can mean making it easier to prospective clients to find information about you on the web, either when they look for you or any particular product nearby. Sometimes users want to find out more information about your business. For example, perhaps they know the name of your business but they don’t have your phone number, operating hours, etc. When people search for this information local SEO helps the search engines to provide it by displaying it on the results page. Other times, people are looking for services like yours but they don’t have a specific company in mind. This is when local SEO comes in handy as it helps the search engines find the business, including yours, that can best meet the clients ‘needs and show listings in the SERPs.

Social media presence

Social media is becoming a ranking factor in search engines. Sharing in social networks is very helpful as more people will be able to see your site. This could have a major impact on your site’s rankings. Original content shared across social media platforms help the search engines recognize the credibility of a site and make them rank for the keyword phrases. Social media creates awareness of your business or brand and this familiarity can lead to links. It will help increase site traffic and bring in more potential clients.

Integrating SEO optimization in the phases of web design and development

When creating a website it’s essential to remember that every decision has long term implications. One of the most important things is making your site SEO friendly. Your site needs to have visibility in search engine result pages in order for sufficient organic traffic to support its success. SEO must be implemented from the first time the site is built that way there is no complications in the future.

You must start thinking about SEO in the design and developing process. First, determine what type of URL structure you are going to use. It should clearly indicate the topic of your content. That means you should use keywords relevant to the services or product you are offering. You should also implement easy and descriptive navigation. Having a responsive design is also very crucial that way users can properly access your site on a smartphone or tablet. Images should also be optimized as well as page load times. Keywords research should be incorporated from the beginning. Having the proper use of site maps by including both an HTML for web surfers and XML sitemap for the search engines is also essential.

Affordable SEO servicesfor any business

Seven Logik is straightforward with all our clients. Our website optimization services require honest understanding and application of several website seo services in Miami. Results will take several months to show but it’s worth the investment. We offer proven marketing techniques and SEO is one of the most powerful ones and one of the most economical in the long term, offering a much higher return than several other marketing methods. Our seo pricing is very competitive when compared with so many companies out there that don’t have an honest approach to search engine optimization services.

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